Transformative Tech

Transformative tech is where technology meets wellbeing. Wellbeing in this context refers to psychological, emotional and spiritual.

Wellbeing will result in:  

  1. reduced stress & anxiety
  2. positive emotion
  3. better and more efficient brain function
  4. constructive actions.

Research is showing that advanced meditators have a brain that is vastly different than an average individual.  They not only have a different brain, but also have different feelings. They have developed a high capacity for peace, compassion, and human connection.  This is not a spiritual or religious accomplishment. This is a human state of consciousness.  Achieving this state of human consciousness will result in a more compassionate, caring and peaceful world.  This is the mission and vision of ICONOsphere transformative tech initiative.

Mission: Using technology to build a connected, compassionate, caring and a more peaceful and a happier world.

The idea is not only about individuals feeling better. The larger idea is embedded in the UNESCO constitution – “since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed.”

So the idea is that change comes from individuals and from within each of us. Technology will help each of us achieve and enhance that human experience so that we can build a world based on compassion, love and peace and human connection and not based on hatred, greed and violence.

The goal of ICONOsphere is to facilitate global awakening by:

  1. Developing technologies
  2. encouraging innovation
  3. supporting and promoting ideas
  4. providing infrastructure.

Come join us for a better and a more peaceful world!

What is Transformative Tech? 

Tools that leverage technology for mental-health and emotional wellbeing to enhance human performance. The same technology is being used to better understand the pursuit of sprituality.

Why Nepal?

Great opportunity for spawning new businesses by using innovation, startups and the spiritual backdrop prevelant in Nepal.

The global upswing in stress, anxiety and depression has created a need for people to seek accessible, scalable, and affordable means to support mental health and emotional wellbeing. 

At the recently concluded CES 2019, world’s largest consumer electronic show in Las Vegas, mental well being was the center of attraction. Transformative Technology, is at the beginning of becoming the hottest area of innovation not only in the Silicon Valley but also globally.

With the spiritual backdrop and growing number of extremely talented technology and non-technology pool of younger generation, Nepal is perfectly poised to be at the forfront of this movement.