STEM classes for Korean Kids

Engineering for Kids

STEM programs are one of the most important and influential programs for children these days. Encouraging children to be the next generation of innovators, STEM programs provide deeper knowledge of any activities or experiments practically. TechFlow.Space values the need of increasing literacy and interest in children towards science, tech and engineering and has been working towards sparkling the interest in pursuing this field. 

As a part of creating a solid base in STEM area, TechFlow.Space held a session for kids of age 8-14 from Korean community, empowering them towards Robotics and Engineering. ‘Engineering for Kids’ session was held on the 16th of June, 2019 on TechFlow.Space where children learned the basics of electronics, sensors, robotics and engaged in some hands on activities of the same.

 They got to work on Arduino, a programmable microcontroller and few leds, blinking and glowing different colors. Children got to know about AC -DC voltages and how a battery completes a circuit by flow of charge. 

Many kids these days have keen interest and enthusiasm on STEM activities, but lack of extracurricular activities on school has prevented kids to experience these programs. However, scenes around Kathmandu towards STEM has been slowly changing and most schools are making it a priority today.

Detecting brain signals (brain waves) and analyzing them is one of the major attractions of TechFlow.Space. As a part of our technology and innovation, making kids understand how our brain worked was a fascinating as well as interesting topic for everyone. Kids tried out Muse (EEG Device) to test their brain waves. They knew about their brain’s capacity of being calm, neutral or active. As kids were quite shy on volunteering themselves to test out their brain signals, one kid participated actively. Everyone was in awe as we showed them his brain waves and how calm he was during his 5 mins of meditation. Well, meditating had never been this fun for them.


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