Innovating new concept and technologies has always been a prime motive of TechFlow.Space. Without creativity and innovation, there is no change, improvement nor any opportunity. 



Transformative tech is where technology meets wellbeing. Wellbeing in this context refers to psychological, emotional and spiritual.

Wellbeing will result in:  

  1. reduced stress & anxiety
  2. positive emotion
  3. better and more efficient brain function
  4. constructive actions.

With the evolution of IOT, everything is smart these days. From TechFlow.Space doorsteps to each rooms to water tanks upstairs and reservoirs underground, we can monitor and control devices throughout.

Voice control your bulbs with Alexa, Google Home or control appliances  through SmartMaka, automate every aspects of TechFlow.Space building. 

Energy crisis in Nepal has been a serious issue always. If we don’t act now, we might not even get a chance to react later.

Solar as the alternative energy would be an ideal scenario in context to Nepal. Beside being renewable and non pollution source of energy, it also provides sustainability and convenience. With the motto, ‘No corruption, no commission, no emission’ S. & P. Consultants are doing some amazing work in Nepal and TechFlow.Space is proud and gratified to be in working in collaboration with them.