Growth Hack

A startup accelerator program

The world is full of ideas, innovations and people with a desire of combining them to a business. Every idea is special and with little of push anyone can be an entrepreneur. Emphasizing on the same domain, TechFlow.Space organized a growth hack event with collaboration with Ace Institute of Management.

Growth Hacking is best for people or companies which need to grow in a short time. The event’s purpose was to guide any idea, business or thoughts on how to excel one’s business with a small budget. This event guided the participants to use creative, low-cost strategies for their  initiations enabling them to hypothesize, prioritize and test innovative strategies to excel.

The event Growth Hack had speakers and trainers from all over the world. Dan commenced the day with welcome note introducing Matt and Mahir, with whom the event went around. 

Introducing event’s speakers, Mr.Dan Wright is an international Expert in the field of Experiential Learning. He has trained thousands of corporates and students using his unique activity based learning techniques. He is also the Training Head for IME Group of Nepal and also has Trained most of Bank CEOs of Nepal and works with various schools and many students around the world to make them better as individuals and to enrich lives. Event’s next trainer was Matt Trechard who is an ICF Certified trainer. He is a credentialed coach for entrepreneurs and business leaders. He is also a Past President of the International Coach Federation, Dubai Chapter. His own experience as an entrepreneur is a driver to help others succeed in their own businesses. Maher Sarkis is the event’s third trainer, who is an Electrical & Electronics Engineer and has been working  in manufacturing operations management professional over 12 years. Over the course of his career Maher has led projects in the USA, Norway and the Middle east. Ranging from digital & Robotics, new factory construction, start up, scale up, succession planning, process design and optimization. Maher has an extensive experience in culture building, creating departmental alignment and a practical understanding of organizational structure.

Breaking the ice, participants were introduced to human bingo, a game where they were given a set of questions and whoever fills the boxes first with all unique names, wins. As the stakes were high, people not only enjoyed talking to each other but also networked around with laughs and hassles to win a box of chocolate and 1000 bucks.

As people were more focused into accelerating their ideas and businesses, Matt asked people to think of themselves as entrepreneurs and come out with fresh ideas and insights in solving Nepal’s current social challenges. Women Sanitation, Agriculture, Supply Chain Management, Employment in Nepal were few ideas that brew during brainstorming session. 

Participants were then guided through visioning workshops that led in generating ideas for solving those problems they stated. They were leaped into the future and were made to give a presentation explaining how their ideas excelled and how the country has been benefiting from their initiation. The event helped the participants leave with clarity of purpose, strategies for success and an action plan for next steps in their venture. A perfect definition of growth hack. 

Mahir introduced a game for all the participants who need to work interdependently and cooperatively as a team. Participants were divided into 5 groups and a bucket-ball-newspaper-plastic bags challenge was given, with a goal of achieving higher efficiency with each round. Concluding the team building game, Mahir metaphorically explained how working as a team works, how a problem can arise, impacts of improper documentation, team division, workload division and every aspect of things that a startup has to deal with.

All our attendees also enjoyed delicious Biryani from Naulo Restaurant, Durbarmarg. Naulo restaurant is better known as the place for great food, technology and interior. Having robots as waiters, this place is a must go place for tech enthusiasts, added advantage if they are foodie.

Later half of the event had everyone deeply involved into panel discussion on the topic ‘Connecting Nepal with Silicon Valley’. The panelists had Bijay Niraula, CEO, iBriz.AI, Praasis Rajbhandari and Astha Sharma as technologists and Uttam Adhikari, Co-founder of Sroth Code Games. The session was moderated by Dinesh Lamsal, co-founder Bitsbeat. Bijay and Praasis spoke about how working in Nepal now has tremendous opportunity and with all the talents and enthusiasm amongst youths, bridging the gap between Silicon Valley and Nepal is not so difficult. Astha, being an entrepreneur talked about how difficult it is for girls to win over everything in following one’s passion. She also explained how her eagerness to learn everything helped her excel at all her positions throughout. Uttam Adhikari started a game company in Nepal and having taken a big step in establishing such a niche market in gaming, talked about his expertise and experiences of his journey.

Growth Hack event concluded with all the participants experiencing a growth within themselves. They learn how amazing it was to lead a team of complete strangers to ending together as a supposed business partners. Working together with people with different ideas, views and area of interest was both challenging as well as exciting for all, arguing, persuading, concluding and eventually deciding on one area to move on with. And this is exactly what happens in every startups around. The whole process gave each participants to ideate the business idea they have and accelerate them with all the hacks they learned during this growth.

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