A startup accelerator program

An event for entrepreneurs and innovators having fresh ideas, insights and energy in solving Nepal’s current challenges. All the participants will be guided through visioning workshops that leads to generate ideas for solving problems. The event will help the participants leave with clarity of purpose, strategies for success and an action plan for next steps in their venture. 

Entry is free but seats are limited. So hurry up! Register here.


Matt is a credentialed coach for entrepreneurs and business leaders. He is also a Past President of the International Coach Federation, Dubai Chapter. His own experience as an entrepreneur is a driver to help others succeed in their own businesses. Matt’s biggest passion is for adventure. He hitchhiked solo from Fort William to Chamonix in 2004 and went up into a mountain village in Nepal after the 2015 earthquake. He’s also in a deeply serious relationship.

Maher sarkis is Electrical & ELECTRONICS Engineer and has been working  in Manufacturing operations management professional over 12 years. Over the course of his career Maher has lead projects in the USA , Norway and the Middle east. Ranging from digital & Robotics , new factory construction , start up , scale up , Succession Planning , process design and optimization. Maher has an extensive experience in culture building, creating departmental alignment and a practical understanding of organizational structure. Maher has a passion to see young people succeed in realizing their dreams. 

Mr.Dan Wright is an international Expert in the field of Experiential Learning. He has trained thousands of  Corporates and Students using his unique activity based learning techniques. Unlike other Speakers and Trainers,Dan’s training have least lectures and more activities. He Is also the Training Head for IME Group of Nepal and also has Trained most of Bank CEO’s of Nepal and works with Various schools and many Students around the world to make them better as individuals and to enrich lives.