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With neuroscientists, sound healers, data scientists and entrepreneurs as speakers, this event sparked a new innovation in Nepal.

Blockchain technology is taking the world by storm, affecting everything from online transactions to e-governments. Hailed as the next big technological advancement since the invention of the internet, TechFlow.Space brings you the opportunity to explore the ins and outs on this technology for the first time in Nepal.

A session for kids from the Korean community, empowering them towards Science, Technology, and Engineering. Kids learned the basics of electronics, sensors, robotics and engaged in some hands-on activities of the same.

Understanding brain waves and analyzing them is one of the major attractions of TechFlow.Space. Kids tried out Muse (EEG Device) to test their brain waves. They knew about their brain’s capacity of being calm, neutral or active. Well, meditating had never been this fun.

Dr. Saroj Joshi, an expert in Solar Energy based in USA, he talks about Mini Independent Power Production using Solar PV Technology reducing electrical power bill and eliminating LPG Gas for cooking.

Highlighting the background of Smart City,  this event is about the alternative energy and how it eases the use of energy in daily life.

“Getting Started with Blockchain” is an introductory and workshop on Blockchain Technology (Ethereum and Hyperledger). This event is targeted for tech enthusiasts and IT professionals. The event will feature Blockchain experts who will share their knowledge and insights of modern disrupting technology, Blockchain. Also, participants will get chance to hands-on session on the Ethereum and Hyperledger blockchain.

Android is the most popular platform in the market today. With newer versions and features, android market has extensive user base along with simplified development process. Companies have their own apps according to their projects and requirements and this has always been the top preferences for any business organization throughout.

Speaking of which, Google Development Group Kathmandu (GDG) in collaboration with TechFlow.Space organized a session on ‘Android on Emerging Market’ and ‘Android to build embedded devices’ and Kotlin. The session was led by Diksha Gohlyan, Raju Khanal and Surhid Amatya. 

An event for entrepreneurs and innovators having fresh ideas, insights and energy in solving Nepal’s current challenges. All the participants will be guided through visioning workshops that leads to generate ideas for solving problems. The event will help the participants leave with clarity of purpose, strategies for success and an action plan for next steps in their venture.

Our Involvement

TechFLow.Space is an open source house of collaborative community of incubators and accelerators. It’s an initiation by entrepreneurs who have decades of global experience of tech companies in Silicon Valley and they have brought their knowledge and network to Nepal to collaborate with local talent. The name embodies the vision of combining strengths to strive for greater good.