The growing popularity of  Blockchain technology has increased the demand for blockchain applications globally. In Nepal, TechFlow.Space has focused on developing applications on top of powerful blockchain technologies like Harmony, ICON, Cello, Blockstack. Starting from collaborating with various blockchain projects, TechFlow.Space began to share the knowledge and resources that the blockchain industry is looking for. Pooling experts from various backgrounds including Fintech, Data Science and Marketing from our sister company iBriz.ai, TechFlow.Space has continued its work on building the base for blockchain projects.

Some of the Blockchain Projects we are involved are:

  • Dice Roll Game:  Developed ICX DiceRoll app – See it on GitLab here, play it here – http://diceroll.win/
  • Contributed to the development of Balanced Network, OMM, Bridge & ODI projects.
  • Testnet Faucet: ICX Testnet Faucet – Hosted by us and still in use by the developer community.
  • Running ICON Testnet Node
  • Payment Gateway: Developed payment gateways for clients to receive their IRC-2 tokens
  • NonFungible Token(NFT): Demonstration of a working non-fungible token (IDOL Token) and dApp development using tbears before the testnet launch at the ICX Station SF Launchpad Kickoff event (9/6/2018) – http://bit.ly/38s4pnS
  • ICON Contribution Proposal System
  • Open Dev ICON – Contract Library
  • Airdrip App