The growing popularity of  Blockchain technology has increased the demand for blockchain applications globally. In Nepal, TechFlow.Space has focused on developing applications on top of powerful blockchain technologies like Harmony, ICON, Cello, Blockstack. Starting from collaborating with various blockchain projects, TechFlow.Space began to share the knowledge and resources that the blockchain industry is looking for. Pooling experts from various backgrounds including Fintech, Data Science and Marketing from our sister company ICONOsphere, TechFlow.Space has continued its work on building the base for blockchain projects
Some of the Blockchain Projects we are involved are:

Our recent projects in the ICON include the following:
  • Token Score Factory:
We have built a web platform where anyone can easily create and deploy an IRC-2 or an IRC-3 SCORE directly from the browser. No signup, development environment setup, or coding knowledge would be required. The platform can be used to deploy production-grade smart contracts into the mainnet. It can also be used to experiment with different SCORE options at minimal cost.
  • ICON Web Studio:
We also have built a Web IDE where anyone can write, test and deploy SCORE directly in the browser. ICON Web Studio is a fully browser-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that will require no installations to run. Existing developers can easily test and run their code, and new developers can quickly learn and explore SCORE development. ICON Web Studio has basic IDE features like syntax highlighting, files & folder explorer, smart contract interaction, and the ability to deploy & run SCORE in Testnet.