Android in Emerging Market - Kotlin

Android is the most popular platform in the market today. With newer versions and features, android market has extensive user base along with simplified development process. Companies have their own apps according to their projects and requirements and this has always been the top preferences for any business organization throughout.

Speaking of which, Google Development Group Kathmandu (GDG) in collaboration with TechFlow.Space organized a session on ‘Android on Emerging Market’ and ‘Android to build embedded devices’ and Kotlin. The session was led by Diksha Gohlyan, Raju Khanal and Surhid Amatya. 

The event’s first speaker Diskhya did her bachelors in NIT Trichy and worked in a financial firm, Goldman Sachs for 2 years, writing medium frequently trading algorithms. After she worked in ClearTax, a startup. She did her masters in CS from North Carolina State University, landing a job at Google thereafter. She worked as a SWE in photos in engineering productivity, working on creating frameworks for engineering excellence. She now works in an organization called New Building Users (NBU) building apps for emerging markets. She’s an android developer in team Curator, mostly working on Android Application – files by Google.

Emerging market refers to the market of countries which are becoming advanced. Considering their business, development and progress, rapid growth and industrialization, emerging markets are the countries that are investing in more productive capacity. Diksya talked about users, opportunities and market in the same domain. Her whole session can be viewed in video below.

Surhid Amatya who works as an Android developer for Insight Workshops, continued the session thereafter with Android development process and Kotlin.

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