About Us

An open source house

TechFlow.Space is an open house of a collaborative community of incubators and accelerators. It’s a co-working space where we not only provide casual and flexible working space but work and execute on ideas, vision, projects, and initiation. TechFlow.Space is a foundation led by entrepreneurs who have decades of global experience of tech companies in Silicon Valley. They have brought their knowledge and network to Nepal to work alongside local talent.

Our building collaborates with several other organizations to promote technology, development, innovation, engineering and also environmental issues. Transformative Technology, which is a fusion of tech and well-being, is initiated by TechFlow.Space in collaboration with iBriz.AI. As a part of it, we use EEG devices, brainwaves sensing headbands to analyze brainwave patterns of monks and see their calmness and resilience compared to other long term meditators and non meditators.

Amid the technological advancement and smart house system, TechFlow.Space offers smart home initiative from front doors to it’s rooms, which has been powered by Alexa, Google Home and SmartMaka, which is a Nepal based wireless home/office automation unit that helps to monitor and operate several devices from mobile remotely.

One of the major attractions of TechFlow has been organizing and hosting events, workshops and training. Courses on Blockchain Technology, AI, Android has been pipelined in weeks along with STEM classes for kids encouraging and uplifting them with hands on activities and practical demos.

We are much in support towards environmental issues and thus have collaborated with S. & P. Consultants Pvt Ltd in promoting solar energy as an alternative form of energy at offices. Office equipments that run continuously on NEA provided lines are now operated from solar panels thereby decreasing electrical usage. We also incorporate and promote eco friendly products on our office space that includes shampoo, soap, hair cream, face wash and toiletries. 

TechFlow.Space would love to collaborate with any ideas that support innovation and development. We’d love to host and work with you, share and promote your ideas and projects. Come and explore at TechFlow.Space, where technology meets human potential.